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    From Richard Vonzel@1:282/1038 to All on Wed Mar 3 13:45:50 2021
    Hello everybody!

    What is the latest manual out there got Golded? And how could I get it?


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  • From Richard Menedetter@2:310/31 to Richard Vonzel on Wed Mar 3 21:28:12 2021
    Hi Richard!

    03 Mar 2021 13:45, from Richard Vonzel -> All:

    What is the latest manual out there got Golded? And how could I get

    Grab the source package and look what is there (commented example configs, docs, manual)

    CU, Ricsi

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  • From Kevin Miller@1:267/585 to Richard Vonzel on Sat Mar 6 19:52:39 2021
    Greets Richard,

    03 Mar 21 13:45, you wrote to All:

    I'm still in the middle of learning all that GoldED+ is capable of. I found the text versions of the manuals a few weeks ago in the source archive.

    I've dumped both the user and reference manuals to Word and PDF for easier navigation.
    For anyone interested: https://www.mtonetwork.com/index.php/downloads/summary/17-mail-readers/10-golded-man


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