• Flashback 2004 (strong f*cking language about f*cking)

    From George Pope@1:153/757 to All on Tue Aug 2 11:51:56 2022
    FLASHBACK 2004

    The southern Republicans were trying to make sodomy illegal (buttfucking) but trying to repeal the laws against bestiality (animal fucking)

    So, in Texas, if two guys in love have sex, they could both go to prison(HANHHH?? Punish buttfucking with MORE buttfucking, sanctioned by the state?), but if you want to head down to the city pound on a Friday, & ask to see their death row queue,& pick yourself out a date for the weekend, that'd be okay. . .

    Typically sodomy laws also prosecute married hetero couples if he fucks his wife up the ass with her consent.

    Free pass for the lesbians! WOOHOO!!!

    Gotta love those split lickers!

    A lesbian couple & a gay couple decided to drive to San Francisco for the weekend. They each went in their own family car, a couple each.

    Q: Which duo arrived first?
    A: The lesbians, because they were going lickety-split, while the gays were still back home packing their shit.

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