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    Was thinking about revolution & how sometimes it is necessary to remove evil usurpers. . .

    Is this how it began?

    Was Benny a hold-back at first, until the rebels had succeeded in the theft of enormous territory from the King and his blood heirs forever?

    Now,. of course, the land belongs to USAmericans & their generations forever, or as long as they can stem the tide of attrition to an unending war status and the abble rousing by immigrants such as their founders once were.

    You live by revolution you risk dying by revolution. . .

    Applies to nationsas easily as individuals with a small noun change.

    I kid, of coursde! I love tyou guys! Not so much your institutions, such as your corporate overlords, who ignore the constitution discussed in the above audio play.

    Hanfg in there, kids, you'll do okay. . .

    Mayberein in the masive self-definition as the planet's chief warmaking warlord, who can kill more than anyone else & quicker, at any (or no) provocation. . .

    Hang in there, brothers!

    What did your founders want for the year 2022?

    Okay, that's onestep to defininig tyuor direction.

    What has the majority of youse, acting as defined in the Constitution, chosen to do to alter the original plans? (kudos on the amendments respecially 1-10, 13, 15, & 19; too bad on the so far not-ratified ERA attempt -- that one needs to be made official still -- talk to your reps & senators & command them to do right by ALL Americans, whether men or normal.

    LAUGH, futhermuckers! This is how truth was told in the middle ages -- by jeters who said anything, but it was intened as humour, & the kins laughed, usually, & the people listened & some thought,"Hmm?"

    This fine tradition was continued in 20th cenmtury USAmerica by George Carlin, & others.

    The only one really doing it well now seem to be Bill Maher.

    LAUGH first, then THINK!!!

    Not all humour counts as "just jokes" although it may be wrapped in such, so it can be more easily carried by others without fear.

    Think 1st Amendment, my brethren (I have my equivalemnt here in Canada)

    Thoughts & words are interesting things -- valuable, always, if one thinks deeply enough & considers carefully the words & the possible ramifications & permutations.

    Shuffle/mingle my words, Freberg's, Carlin's, Maher's, & your own, then examine the product (clear thinking) you have created.

    If these sources sesem suspect, find others -- but get ones who are being serious, not just flippantly tearing apart & hurting others, institutions, etc.

    Consider the source, always, but remember; we're telling funny stories here in Fidonet's FUNNY Jokes and Stories!

    So, if you have a thoughtful response for me on this, be sure to include much humour, to make your post on-topic.

    I had a hard time learning about the American Revolution. It made my head go round and round.

    TIL: During the American Revolution, George III didnĘt even bother to leave the couch.
    He was sofa king comfortable.

    An American spy is in Soviet Russia, digging up information on a powerful Russian politician. He finds him in a bar, walks in dressed in Russian attire, pretending to be Russian. Everybody in the bar looks at him, but he keeps his cool. He orders a drink and walks to the politician... "Greetings, comrade." says the spy, but before he could finish his sentence, the Russian says, "I think you are American spy."

    The spy is alarmed, but being a skilled, trained, spy, he says, "That is not true! I am the proudest Soviet there is! I can sing the anthem more beautifully than any other man in the country!"

    He then proceeds to sing the Soviet anthem, so melodically and beautifully, that everybody in the bar cheers.

    "Very good, very good!" says the politician. "But I still think you are spy."

    The man continues to keep his cool.

    "I am a historian! I can tell you everything about this glorious country!"

    He then spends about two hours recounting the Revolution, the Great Patriotic War, about how superior to the Russia is in terms of technology compared to America and makes a great argument about how communism is beneficial to society.

    "Amazing! You are skilled!" says the politician.

    The spy smirks.

    "But I still think you American spy."

    The spy is getting frustrated, but still unfazed.

    He replies, "I am good drinker, a true Russian! Let us drink, and see who can come out top!"

    The bar turns its attention to the politician and the spy, who are now in a drinking contest.

    The bartender serves drink after drink of vodka.

    After about an hour of drinking, the politician nearly passes out, unable to hold as much liquor as the spy, to a resounding cheer amongst the bar.

    In the midst of the cheering, the Russian politician gets up, smiling, and in a slurred speech, repeats, "You are good, you are good... but I still think you are spy."

    The American spy, piss drunk, loses his skill and gives up.

    "Okay, you got me. I am an American. But what made you think that way, after all this time?"

    The Russian politician replies, "There aren't many black people in Russia."

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