• double entendre in radio music

    From George Pope@1:153/757 to All on Fri Jan 28 11:01:38 2022
    Just heard this for the first time on a '70s Lost/Forgotten Hits channel:

    My Girl Bill
    Jim Stafford
    Bill walked me to my door last night, And he said, Before I go
    There's something about our love affair, That I have a right to know
    I said, Let's not stand out here like this, What would the neighbors think?
    Why don't we just step inside,
    And I'll fix us both a drink.
    My girl Bill
    My, my, girl Bill
    Can't say enough about the way I feel, About my girl, my girl Bill.
    William's hands were shaking,
    As he took his glass of wine.
    And I could see we both felt the same, And when his eyes met mine,
    I said, Who we love and why we love, It's hard to understand.
    Let's just sit here on the couch,
    And face this, man to man.
    My girl Bill
    My, my, girl Bill
    Can't say enough about the way I feel, About my girl, my girl Bill.
    Bill, you know we just left her place, And we both know what she said.
    She doesn't want to see your face,
    And she wishes you were dead!
    Now, I know we both love her,
    And I guess we always will.
    But you're gonna have to find another,
    'Cause she's my girl, Bill!
    My girl Bill
    My, my, girl Bill
    Can't say enough about the way I feel, About my girl, talkin' 'bout my little girl, My girl, Bill.

    At first I assumed as the writer intended the first part to go, that the singer was singing about a love affair he was having with Bill -- that seemed more risquÚ(risque) than normally allowed on the radio in the '70s (1974 was when it was a hit)

    Clever the way the lat verse rewrites the entire song in your mind!

    I loven that kind of punnery. . . when a last line or paragraph creates an entirely new story out of the same previous body. . .

    Any more?

    Double entendres, triples, & more. . .

    Bill: Oh, so you like metal? Name 3 blacksmiths. Jim: Will, Jaden, & Willow Jill: I hate you both!

    Q: What do you call a sad strawberry? A: As blueberry

    Can't ignore the classics:
    A lady walked into a bar and asked the bartender for a double entendre So he gave her one

    I almost got a double major in Mathematics and Agriculture ...but I couldn't pass cowculus.

    Never trust a shoe salesman who doubles as a drug dealer As a sole provider they'll likely get you something that's laced.

    The only joke I can think of ends with a double preposition I just can't think of anything else to finish it off with.

    In college, I double-majored in accounting and dentistry... Now I can crunch numbers AND numb crunchers.

    Centipede Hz - triple entendre woven into single meaning? So I was listening to the Centipede Hz vinyl this morning in a more conceptual light and the title strikes me as a kind of Joycean triple entendre tied into a single cohesive meaning, i.e. natural/collective/subjective history: First we have the hertz of a centipede, the electromagnetic wave frequencies of a hundred legs in motion, but hertz can also be read phonetically as ˘hurts÷, as if the sounds of all those legs in motion are the different pains that make up the past and therefore the present song, sound, or state of being, natural (and fantastical), collective (mythological/historical) and individual (subjective/solipsistic) all tied into their relation with one another... As in, where we are now, and going forward, is ineluctably tied to all the ˘legs÷ weĂve experienced prior, and everything moves on singing some way or another even after it moves no more... Reading the history of the album (DeakinĂs return, the band moving back to Baltimore where it all began, the free form and low key nature of their playing together after the freak expansion of Merriweather, etc. etc.) really seems to strengthen this interpretation for me... Just curious if anybody has or has had any thoughts on this? [this one's not on my playlist, but it sounds legit]

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