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    Rules for the Flashmario Echo
    Written: 2004-05-28


    This is the Flashmario Echo. Area tag: FLASHMARIO


    The moderators are : Bart Verhaeghe & Janis Kracht.
    The current moderators of this echo are permanent.


    Characters above 0x7e hex, 126 decimal (sometimes known as HI ASCII) are permitted, otherwise the lanuage of the echo is English.


    Every sysop is encouraged to make this echo available to any user,
    that's interested in reading and writing in it.


    The purpose of this echo is the discussion of and release of the recent Flash Mario levels.


    General Rules:

    1. The moderator's ruling is final.

    2. In this area the official language is only English.

    3. Vulgar language and other languages are not allowed.
    This includes, but is not limited to, flames and profanities.

    4. Discuss only articles printed in this area or post new articles about,
    the game.
    A certain amount of straying from this is however expected and encouraged.

    5. In the event that some ingenious person figures out a way to bypass
    these rules, the moderator reserves the right to make a rule to
    end the situation.

    Bart Verhaeghe, 2:292/907, Moderator
    Janis Kracht 1:261/38, Moderator

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