• FD oS2 update

    From Rick Smith@1:105/10.1 to All on Fri Jan 29 16:30:16 2021
    Greetings All!

    Here is my latest progress (or lack of, VBG)

    Front door runs along happily, if I send a message the dial dialog box pops up with the correct information for where its trying to call but just sits there, no errors, it will try 3 times then give up and put the packet on hold. I am thinking this has to be either a fdnode.ctl issue or the dial string its sending to vmodem? I have read everything I think I can on both of those topics, so while I hate to ask and give up but can someone that is running frontdoor with a vmodem type setup share their fdnode.ctl and there modem init and dial strings?

    I would certainly appreciate it


    Rick Smith (Nitro)

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