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    From Tommi Koivula@2:221/1.1 to Robert Wolfe on Sun Jul 8 18:11:04 2018
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    07 Jul 18 09:34:32, you wrote to me:

    Tommi Koivula wrote in a message to Flavio Bessa:

    I tried to FREQ it, but my FD system simply gets me a "NO

    According to the nodelist you should use the port 60177 for telnet.
    FD can do it only with some special setup. Freq's by binkp do work

    Hmm, got any information on how to get this set up?

    Hmm, You mean how to make FD to poll nonstandard telnet port with SIO/VMODEM?

    Set ENV like this:

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    set fd_joho=fhc.d.defsol.com 2030
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    phone 2:20/4609 $[fd_joho]
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    ... \\HAL has been up for: 16 day(s), 17 hour(s), 31 minute(s), 17 second(s) ---
    * Origin: IPv6 Point at [2001:470:1f15:cb0:2:221:1:1] (2:221/1.1)