• Where Carmel in San-Diego?

    From Denis Mosko@1:153/757.1315 to All on Fri May 13 17:45:45 2022
    Is Subject correct?

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  • From Ardith Hinton@1:153/716 to Denis Mosko on Mon May 16 20:56:13 2022
    Hi, Denis! Recently you wrote in a message to All:

    Is Subject correct?

    According to Wikipedia Carmel Valley is a suburban community in the northwestern corner of San Diego, California. There are other places which go by the name Carmel... but I think that's probably the one you're referring to.

    In the absence of information as to what you already know about the place, it's difficult for me to suggest how your wording could be improved. I would definitely add "is" in there somewhere. But you could ask:

    Where in San Diego is Carmel?

    Where is Carmel -- (is it) in San Diego?

    The meaning of these questions differs because there are various places in the world named "Carmel" and you might be referring to Carmel-by-the-Sea, which is not a suburb of San Diego but is also in the state of California.

    As Anton commented not long ago, BTW, it's important that if you're posing a question others may need to refer to again it's far more efficient to include it in the body of your message than expect us to remember every detail of a subject heading I (for one) can't see while I'm typing an answer.... :-Q

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