• Tallest tree carved into giant hand

    From Ardith Hinton@1:153/716 to Denis Mosko on Thu Mar 4 22:56:50 2021
    Hi, Denis! Recently you wrote in a message to All:

    [...] the 124-year-old Douglas Fir was axed at the
    Lake Vyrnwy estate in Powys in March.

    Both "Lake Vyrnwy" and "Powys" are Welsh place names. AFAIK Douglas fir trees are not native to the UK, although they are native to the west coast of North America. I couldn't help noticing the location because the mother of one of my high school friends, who was Welsh, thought such trees were ugly. A person with a large estate might import them as a novelty, however.

    In their natural habitat Douglas fir trees may be quite close to one another & they seek the light by growing tall, straight trunks. Under crowded conditions they often shed their lower branches as they grow taller. But when they're not forced to compete for light, they don't appear to do this.... :-)

    A few years ago, it was measured by tree surgeon who
    stretched a length of rope up to the top as he climbed
    its branches.

    The height was then calculated back on the ground and
    confirmed by the Tree Register of the British Isles.

    With what it can been compared?

    I reckon it was compared with other trees in the UK... many of which may be older but tend to spread out sideways. When Dallas & I were in England virtually all the trees we saw were deciduous, while firs are evergreens. :-)

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