• WINSERVER 2000 Discussion Conference

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    Subject: WINSERVER 2000 Discussion Conference
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    Original: SUBJECT.. WINSERVER 2000 Discussion Conference
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    Conference 33 "WINServer 2000" is now available.

    Conference is designed to be an open public discussion area for CUSTOMERS
    to discuss the future of WILDCAT 5.0 aka WILDCAT 2000 aka WINSERVER 2000
    aka WC2000 aka WS2000.

    I guess we got to get straight on what we will use for a acronym :-).
    I like WC2000 I guess because I naturally created a WC2000 directory
    where I am documenting the new system into. <g>

    Anyway, you can use this conference to post your comments, suggestions
    and ideas about WC2000.

    Although, I guess some people will suggest something that might be
    already done and they don't know about it, WINSERVER 2000 IS NOT A

    Santronics wishes to basically lurk around, read and join in as
    necessary, by maybe asking people to elaborate on their thoughts.

    Please Keep in mind, Santronics should not be 'held' accountable
    if you suggest something and we don't implement.

    If you wish to get a start on some productive concepts that will
    really make a difference, here are some ideas to begin with:

    1) Think about how you use WC today, think about some of
    the automated maintenance tools you would like to see
    to "REDUCE" your time on the system cleaning up.

    2) Think about some of the "conflicts" you may have, if any.

    3) Think about some of the "redundancies" you perform.

    4) Think about "other outsides" technologies that you WISH
    you had with Wildcat.

    Also, here are some tips to help IMPROVE the readability of your
    mail and also increase the chance that SANTRONICS will not only
    read but also "understand" what you are writing about:

    1) Itemize your thoughts.

    2) Write in short paragraphs. Do not mix up concepts in
    the paragraphs.

    3) Think in terms of a general statement, and if we think
    we need more details, we will ask for it.

    4) Since your mail is being posted in a LOCAL conference,
    do not use HTML mail creating tools.

    5) Since your mail is being posted in a LOCAL conference,
    there is ABSOLUTELY NO NEED to over quote. All mail
    will have references so people will be able to go back
    to an original if need be.

    In short, keep it short and simple. We read alot of mail, and
    it is human characteristic to basically skip things that are
    over done and hard to read.

    Thanks, have fun.
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