• Great deal on software!

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    Date: Tue, 24 Nov 1998 01:59:09 -0400
    From: DEAN BANKS
    Subject: Great deal on software!
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    The WIN Server program is a great product and now is the opportunity
    to get this great product at a drastically reduced price.

    The following items could cost you over $2,100.00 all together. I am
    willing to sell all of the software listed below for $1,100.00 and I
    will pay the shipping cost to send it to you. I am also willing to
    sell the software as individual pieces to anyone interested.

    Any interested parties should email me at BRIAN.LETTAU@AMB-ADV.COM

    All software comes complete with manuals, this stuff is in mint

    Win Server Community Edition with 16 Nodes
    Wildcat Casino
    Wildcat Reports
    Wildcat Internet Connection Package
    Wildcat Listserve
    Wildcat web/db


    Not say that Wildcat is perfect, hell it's not even close, but
    perhaps if the manuals where not in "mint" condition, (i.e. had been
    read a time or two) you could have made the software work for your

    Just a though since you continue to post your ad.


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