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    Allen Prunty wrote to All <=-

    I am so glad that they are going back to Wonder Woman's classical
    origins instead of the 1940's all-american Nazi hunter that Linda
    Carter protrayed. Although the best season of WW was season 1 because
    it was done in "period".

    I think Gal Gadot is the ultimate choice for Wonder Woman... and the teasers of her origin story appear rich. Even my mom who I never
    thought would ever at 80 years old was interested in it because of the "scenery", although I suspect it is a story she grew up with.

    I VERY much enjoyed WW! Much more than Man of Steel or BvS - still haven't
    seen Justice League...

    Anyhow with that... then the Justice League following it... DC is
    making a major return. I can't wait to see Jason Momoa as Aquaman, but
    I am not sure about the flash... I can't see any other actor doing the flash but the one on the Tv show.

    Agreed, but the show is not nearly as dark as the movie universe, unless
    that changed with JL...

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