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    Hey - sorry to be behind on this - somehow I was not subbed to
    this echo. :-)

    But I'm here now...

    Tonight's episode of the Flash was very interesting... it is a
    crossover episode between Supergirl and the Flash (strange that
    the Flash and Supergirl exist on alternative Earths).

    The whole multiverse thing is VERY cool, IMO.

    Yeah, I think that was a holdover when supergirl was on CBS or ABC or whatever.

    Not nessasarily... There's the 'arrow verse' where Arrow and Flash
    appear, but the world that Supergirl lives in has aliens in a very
    natural way. I personally like stories that do NOT involve literally
    everyone. I like that there's no Superman or Batman in Flash's world.

    Anyhow, it Guest stars Darren Criss from Glee as what appears, at
    first, to be a villian but becomes something more mysterious at
    the end that makes you wonder. Anyhow without spoiling it, this
    is a musical with a good superhero story behind it. I don't want
    to spoil it for anyone, but tonight I had an Aunt visiting who was
    amazed that a comic book super hero show could hold a comic book
    style super hero plot together and marry it with a musical that is
    also very visually beautiful. I have to say, the Justice League
    movie's flash is going to have a hard time competing with the TV
    Show's flash. I am continually amazed by the quality of this
    show... and Supergirl, while it is good, does not hold up to the
    high standard set in the Flash.

    Yeah - it's my favorite show right now, with Supergirl being a close
    second. I still haven't seen Justice League, but will when it hits

    Also - I love all the little easter eggs in both shows, and the whole
    Super Friend song just made me smile. (I was a Saturday morning kid
    when SuperFriends was on television)

    Grant Gustin is an amazing actor.

    Couldn't agree more!

    The singing was off for me, though.
    They recorded the songs as voiceovers, so it gave the singing an
    unnatural quality. That uncanny valley where it was too perfect, with
    no background noise or echo. Other than that, the episode was great. It reminded me of the Buffy musical episode, "Once More With Feeling" but wasn't so similar that it felt like a rip-off.

    Haven't seen that - was never a Buffy fan - but yeah I hate it when
    they ADR anything, but music especially feels 'wrong.' BUT - I will
    say in this episode with it being a 'dream' or a 'musical' and the
    way things happened perfectly, it actually kinda fit!

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