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    From Daryl Stout@1:2320/100 to Allen Prunty on Tue Apr 18 21:24:02 2017

    In the music community it is called "Pitch Perfect" performance. As a musician myself I have a very trained ear and I did not detect any of
    the noticeable "digitializations" that Autotune leaves in the

    I remember back from my days in singing in choirs in church, high school,
    and college, of how they tried to get folks to "stay on pitch". On rainy days, one had a tendency to go "flat" (starting in the prescribed key, but ended up going lower, as the piece went on...usually more pronounced when the piece was done a cappella (no musical accompaniment). I did sing in one group, where the piece started in B-flat major...and by the time we were done, we had SHARPED it, and finished in D-major!!

    On a personal note, I originally couldn't hit a tone in a bucket in choir
    in high school. The choral director and fellow members were so helpful...and, by the Grace Of God, by the end of the year, I got the award for "Most Improved Chorus Student". I could sight read a piece of choral music that I had never seen before...plus, you could play a note on a piano, and without looking, I would duplicate what you played. And, I've had no formal ear training whatsoever.
    In fact, one church choir director commented "Who needs a pitch pipe, when you have got Daryl in here??". :)

    However, the term "perfect pitch" is a bit misleading. Being able to
    whether you're on key or not (especially with a cappella music, which is the rule with 4 part barbershop or beautyshop quartet singing), is more like "pitch recognition". The term "perfect pitch" is like saying "this note has 411 vibrations per second, this one has 412, etc.". I think "Middle C" is at 440.


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    Allen Prunty wrote to Mike Miller <=-

    Anyhow, with that said the episode was pretty good. Supergirl was son
    CBS not ABC and CBS owns the CW now. It's always been under her umbrella... which makes me wonder, since there is a "multiverse" if
    there is a superman in the Flash's universe and what happened to the
    Kara and Mon-El of theirs.

    I don't think there is a Superman, or even a Metropolis, in Flash's
    universe, but there might be. There is a Ferris Airline and they did
    have a pilot go missing. :-)

    I'm also wondering if Mon-El will eventually get the costume he had in
    the comic books, where the Red and Blue is reversed. The comic book Mon-El had Blue boots, Red Costume, Blue cap etc etc... since they done away with the "erection suppressor" briefs there won't be a blue
    codpiece. However I don't think he is the crown prince of Daxan in the comic books and eventually he was poisoned by lead which in the comic books is always fatal and irreversible... (although they did find a way
    to stop it by putting him in the phantom zone if I remember correctly.)
    In the comic books he was not effected by Kryptonite, but I believe in this TV Show they showed him as being effected by it, I could be
    recalling it wrong. Who knows... it is getting interesting since now
    his "true love's kiss" has proven he is genuine with Kara. Boom-chcika-boom-boom... imagine parenting a superbaby... the terrible twos could level a city.

    LOL - well now that we're later in the season... Are you caught up?

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