• Upcoming Wonder Woman movie...

    From Allen Prunty@1:2320/100 to All on Sat Apr 8 14:05:19 2017
    I am so glad that they are going back to Wonder Woman's classical origins instead of the 1940's all-american Nazi hunter that Linda Carter protrayed. Although the best season of WW was season 1 because it was done in "period".

    I think Gal Gadot is the ultimate choice for Wonder Woman... and the teasers of her origin story appear rich. Even my mom who I never thought would ever at 80 years old was interested in it because of the "scenery", although I suspect
    it is a story she grew up with.

    Anyhow with that... then the Justice League following it... DC is making a major return. I can't wait to see Jason Momoa as Aquaman, but I am not sure about the flash... I can't see any other actor doing the flash but the one on the Tv show.


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