• Time Travel

    From Allen Prunty@1:2320/100 to All on Sun Nov 27 19:55:24 2016
    OK.. I hate to be a turd here... but I'm getting sick of all the "time
    travel" mess with the Flash crossing over to everywhere. Time Travel is somethign that I think messes the story lines up.

    For instance if one were to travel back 50 years from now in time, you
    have to remember that the earth spins around the sun. The Sun spins
    around in our galaxy. And who knows what our galaxy spins around... if
    it spins around anything.

    In 50 years time, the earth, moon and possbily our galaxy isn't in the
    same position it was 50 years prior or future whatever direction you are
    going. If you were to travel in time what guarantee do you have that
    you own't materialize where the earth was 50 years from where you left?

    Just saying


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