• Christmas hols was: Happy Fathers Day

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    It only sounds strange if one is locked into thinking that everyone has the exact same customs all over the world... always on the exact same day... <G> We get lulled into thinking that to be the case with such holidays as Christmas that ARE the same (pretty much) everywhere... It

    Yes although I think in the states it's quite a short holiday break?
    Here in NZ the school kids are out of school from late Dec until early Feb... as it's summer then over here.

    True... being in the southern hemisphere your seasons are 180 from
    ours... ;) Here, though, it's a longer break than most regular school
    breaks, since it's often as much as a month... 2-3 weeks, anyway,
    usually... :) And colleges often take a break then too... with a
    winter interim session for the month of January... starting their Spring Semester in February... :)

    ttyl neb

    ... Will a hand scanner do feet too?

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