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    had to take these oatmeal baths for days...I swore I'd never eat that again. That was until I had to have all the teeth removed when I was 40...the soft stuff diet got old real quick. The disease was like
    someone had dropped me into a vat of itching powder. Pardon the
    bluntness above, but that shows what an extreme case of the chicken pox
    I had. The doctor noted that "it was the worst case he had ever seen".

    Reminds me of one case of poison ivy I had as a child... I well remember
    the itching and it being absolutely everywhere on my body... I think I
    was 5...

    Another case had the bride speak up at the altar, instead of
    "holding her peace" (she got cold feet at the altar). Both families
    were furious...and, that's putting it mildly.

    I suppose that after all the preparations, there would be a definite
    backlash from the families... but, if it's the wrong thing to be getting married to this person, at the altar is a better place to realize it
    than after all the vows are said, and the commitment supposedly made...

    The Grinch stole my Christmas...basically, when my dentures broke.
    That's a bummer... :(

    I finally got a new set yesterday (Friday)...but I have to go in
    early next week to get a little adjustment on the left side of the
    lower plate. It was my birthday present from my Mom ($425), but still,
    you can't beat that for an upper and lower denture set. Any adjustments during the first 60 days are free of charge. I didn't care what they looked like...I just want to be able to eat. :)

    I've known people that eat just about anything with just their gums...
    but good dentures are probably easier... ;)

    There is a lot of flu going on down here. I went to the doctor
    yesterday for follow-up blood work. I had my female PCP check an area
    on my backside that had been there for over a year. While I "mooned" my PCP (they've seen it all before), she noted it was a "benign fatty
    cyst", and it was harmless.
    A sore that doesn't heal can be a sign of cancer or diabetes. I'm
    not diabetic, but have the potential to be type 2. That cyst had been there over a year, and the urologist was concerned about it.

    That's a relief... fatty cysts are pretty common as one gets older...
    and nothing to worry about... I recently had what had been a deerfly
    bite but turned into an "itchy scar" cut off... it had been on my arm
    for over a year, and was starting to worry various of my health
    providers... now I've got a mostly healing regular scar where it was...
    And yes, that was the official name for it, "itchy scar"... there was
    some greek name but that is the exact literal translation... :)

    The idea of getting naked for medical personnel doesn't bother
    me...even if I have to have females undress and dress me (especially considering that some days, the arthritis is real bad)...it's just
    another day at work for them. I still can't get over that female
    patient going ballistic with the lab tech, over asking her for a urine sample (I'm sure you remember that post).

    Yup, remember that post... some people are too (falsely) modest for
    their own good... :) One just does what one must... when my
    mother-in-law needed care, she accepted it from us as well as the aides
    and such... when my dad did, he accepted it from his daughters... it
    feels really weird to be giving intimate care in situations like that,
    at least at first, but you get over it, because it needs doing... and,
    when you are dealing with the health care professionals, well, that's
    their job... <G>

    I have only taken 2 Excederin Migraine tablets in the last 6 weeks,
    as my PCP told me to STOP all pain mediciation...as it was the cause
    of my constant migraines...basically, "rebound headaches". So, now...
    I just suffer...and only take a pain medication when I absolutely
    have to do so.

    That's probably better in the long run anyway. Most pain meds of the
    analgesic sort don't work at all for me, so I've not been able to take
    them for ages... my body got quite creative at times in finding ways to
    cover pain so I wouldn't feel it. ;0 I can take an occasional codeine
    when I really need a little help...

    ttyl neb

    ... Here I am again. Rock - ME - and a hard place.
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