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    From Damon A. Getsman@1:2320/100 to Nancy Backus on Sun Nov 15 17:04:02 2015
    Re: Re: still trying....
    By: Nancy Backus to Damon A. Getsman on Fri Nov 13 2015 21:20:18

    But at least it made it out... Now, it seems that my usual bbs is
    working again, so hopefully this will make it out just fine... :)

    Seems to be working. :)

    Maybe any that have gone missing weren't important anyway...? <G> Once I'm caught up, I might do the check of what has or hasn't been
    answered... ;)

    They weren't terribly important. There's been plenty of conversation popping
    up that's replacing it regardless. If you feel like going back, though, don't let me stop you. Heh.

    Sounds like that worked out well, then... :) Good that you'd
    established enough of a relationship that she would think of letting the kids spend the time together instead of just panicking about where he could go... Sometimes it can be tough to find the occasional all-day sitter for a school-age child... or prohibitively expensive... ;0

    Yeah she's even offering me a potential job at the pizza place that she's working at, being as things have been so off and on with the contract work lately. Only problem is I don't know if I can handle the type of work that is going on there with the volume of traffic that goes through. I guess there's one way to find out, though. I certainly need something that I can count on; at this point at the end of this month my savings will be gone. :(
    I was finally able to re-find my son's phone now, too. Which definitely helps for security if he's going to be out and about. Soon as he got it he ended up calling his friend, they've been talking almost nonstop until I realized that the phone was pay-per-minute. I'm gonna have to do the math on how much of that we can afford at this point, but it's good that he's got someone to communicate with. I really need to get this place up to par for having his friend over where they can have more space a little more often, too,
    but it is soooooo hard to keep this place up properly with three people living in a one bedroom apartment.

    Kids can be cruel... One might wonder just how good the other kid is anyway... If it's something that he really wants to do, I'm glad that
    he's willing to work for it... :)

    We'll see how it goes, anyway. :) I hope you're right on those counts!

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