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    part 2 continues... ;)

    The progress is getting better rapidly. I'm back up to my normal
    recovery and performance curve on running, almost.
    Sounds very good... :)
    Ack. We'll see how well I'm able to pick that curve back up when
    the bronchitis is totally gone. I'm gonna try a bike ride today and
    then a run tomorrow. I hope it doesn't go too horribly.

    Hopefully you didn't lose too much ground... :) Are you getting decent weather for outdoors activities now...?

    In the meantime, you are doing the exercises the PT gave you for it,
    anyway, right...? Too bad you have to wait so long....
    Um. I've been a little less-than-vigilant about this. I've let the multiple reschedulings get me a little bit down in the dumps about it
    and haven't kept with it so well. I definitely need to knock that crap off, too. When I'm doing other physical things, though, my physical therapy fits perfectly into the routine, though, so with the bike ride today it should work well.

    I'd guess that if you did even just the PT exercises, you'd get a mood
    boost, as well as not losing ground physically... you'd at the very
    least have a sense of accomplishment on your own to balance out the frustrations of the reschedulings... ;)

    I've heard that tale, too... and I'll buy the crutch aspect... ;) From
    the outside, though, it doesn't look like it does much for the stress
    really, except as something that the person thinks is helping...
    I haven't seen the studies, but my roomie who is also a massive
    trove of pharmaceutical information as well as that about many abused
    and research chemicals has quoted the ones about how nicotine affects
    the body's ability to handle stress. I should get some more detailed info from him. Except that'll make me want to smoke.

    Some studies seem to be slanted towards the desired result(s)... And I
    suspect that there was less quantitative proof of stress-relief, and
    more anecdotal... But, even if there were some physical proof (lowered
    blood pressure, etc), there are enough really bad side effects to not
    really make it a good option/drug...

    The psychological bit of it can't be ignored, though, especially if there's a neuro-pharmalogical basis for things being reinforced.
    I'd never pick up that filthy habit again if I'd go back. ;)

    Lots of things we know better in hindsight, after all... :) My little
    sister was finally able to kick the habit... after having previously
    kicked a cocaine addiction.... she gives all the credit to God having
    delivered her from both addictions, and for keeping her clean ever
    since... :)

    [shaking head] Quite short-sighted... Are they decent docs
    otherwise...? or are you just stuck with what you've got despite
    them not being all that good...
    All of the ones that I've had here have seemed very competent for
    the most part, yes. Much better than the ones that were employed by
    the VA in Bismarck, to be sure. It's the system itself that seems to
    be broken.

    Good, on the first... and, a shame on the second.... From what I've
    heard, AZ is pretty bad, too... I've not heard too much bad about the
    way the VA runs here in upstate NY, though... But, the bigger a system
    is, the harder it is to fix things when things get broken.....

    All of the issues that I've had have been dealt with very
    well once I'm actually in to get them handled for the most part,
    though. Unless, of course, that bit has to deal with prescriptions
    being sent out. If I were a bit closer to the inner city and could
    pick them up myself it wouldn't be so bad, but... :P Moar soon.

    Another thing that goes back to the lack of suitable transportation and
    of ability to travel well on public transport... So, your meds are
    being filled by the VA pharmacy...? which is at the VA building/complex
    in the inner city...? Is that where you see your docs, too...? And is
    there any way to facilitate picking meds up while there for doctor
    visits if that is the case...?

    ttyl neb

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