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    By: Daryl Stout to Damon A. Getsman on Tue Oct 06 2015 14:27:00

    The former BBS machine has been offline since April, when the hard drive wouldn't boot up. I haven't powered it up since then, and am considering donating it to a local shop for parts, as I don't need it back. Most of the stuff is now on the main BBS computer, which now has Windows 7 32-bit on it...and I'm not going to Windows 10, if ever. Yeah, I know I said I'd never go past XP, but after figuring out how to tweak things, Windows 7
    working better than XP ever did.

    I'm starting to wonder how easy it might be for me to move to a Pi, or other arm device, with SSD storage, for my next incarnation. This PPro has been a monolith of stability, but I'm starting to wonder how much longer that's gonna last.
    Now that I think about it, I've got a system upgrade coming up for that machine to get the operating system current again, too. I think you're supposed to have a crucifix for at least portions of that, according to the OS upgrade guide.

    I've seen videos of that "bolt from the blue". Players in a soccer game, and there's not a cloud in the sky. Suddenly, you see this flash, with a loud crash of thunder, and nearly every player has collapsed to the ground. Thankfully, lightning victims carry no electrical charge, and
    can be handled safely. And, since the strike can cause the victim to go into cardiac arrest, prompt First Aid, including CPR, is essential.

    That sounds a lot like what I saw. What I saw was probably a hilltop or two away, or likely I wouldn't be around to be talking about it, but it was enough so that I couldn't really tell WHERE it originated (all I saw was Bright) and left me stunned for several seconds afterwards.
    Speaking of CPR, I really need to get my CPR certification, if not full First
    Responder certification, valid and good in this state at some point.

    When I tell people that I'm a 2 time indirect lightning strike survivor, I tell them that "I carry no electrical charge, and can be handled safely". :)

    Heh. I'm a resistor not a capacitor, Jim.

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