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    As I said, I'm sure that the pros probably still use them, at least as
    part of their arsenal... there certainly are some shots that they work
    much better for... :)
    Yeah I don't know how much of a pro I'll ever be, but especially
    with the scenery being what it is around here (you can see 2 volcanos from the city, ffs), I've definitely got to find a decent 35mm camera with some color and some B&W film. I miss that a lot, and it's been
    way too long since I've had a decent photo album. I always end up
    losing digital photos... There should be some sort of record of my
    son's childhood, if nothing else. Like a material one.

    I'm all for that... :)

    I've been getting bits and pieces... probably enough to piece things
    together to some extent... And as far as the work goes, I'm sure that
    the more you work with it, the better and easier it will fall into place
    for you... and you'll gain the confidence you need, too... :)
    I went over most of that in the last message. ;) Things are
    definitely getting better again. Being able to deliver on that feature that I'd been working on forever really, REALLY eased my mind about the whole thing. I was probably pretty far down in the grips of irrational paranoia, but I've not been in the industry in a 'real' area before, so
    I guess I'm still expecting that things will be as bad as they were for me the last time I was doing it in North Dakota. PTSD, if you will.

    Of a sort... :) Sounds like you are doing just fine in the real world
    of programming now... :)

    It's not a failure if there just isn't the proper opportunity... And if
    there isn't a properly safe spot to do the catch and release, then that
    just needs to wait till there is a safe spot... :)
    Thank you for saying that. There's only 4 weeks left until summer.
    I hope if we aren't able to turn anything up soon here that, at the
    very least, he meets some kids in 4th grade this time around that have parents that actually want to let their kids have a social life. We'll see, I guess.

    Hopefully there will be more opportunities... maybe even some that come eventually from the most recent excursion and the week of summer

    Just think of it as a minor setback... even though it feels like much
    more... as you say, it'll work itself out, once you get the checks
    directly and get repaid for the part that got snagged...
    Yeah, I should be a lot higher, but I've got the number of digits in
    my bank account that I'm a lot more comfortable with again, now. I'm gonna work on pressing that up, and maybe it will even encourage some other people around here to work a little harder on their own escape trajectories. ;) (That's not even my term for it-- I'm not the only
    one here that's talking about things in these terms-- heh)

    Welll... it sounds like there's plenty of room to improve the situation
    for a number of folks there... ;)

    ttyl neb

    ... When I'm not in my right mind, my left mind gets pretty crowded.

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