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    From Nancy Backus@1:2320/100 to Daryl Stout on Thu Jul 30 22:09:02 2015
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    It has gotten so hard on my elderly Mom now, that if she needs
    something from the store, she gives me the money, and I go get it for

    That would keep her from being unduly influenced by the store layout. :)
    We used to do that for my parents, until they moved down to live with my sister... now it's her job to do the shopping...

    On one recent trip, we practically filled the cart with other
    goodies, and she lamented "We haven't gotten a single thing on the shopping list yet". <G>

    At that point, one either has to revise what's in the cart... or revise
    what's going to be on the menu this week... <G>

    ttyl neb

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