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    From Daryl Stout@1:2320/100 to Nancy Backus on Fri Jul 24 22:29:02 2015

    One needs to learn (and keep) the proper balance between the social NB>media, and what could be true benefits of staying in touch, and real
    life where relationships can be deeper and more sustained...

    While my Mom and I (and some other relatives) are on Facebook, I still
    call her several times a day. And, if her computer gets ornery, or she
    has a question, she calls "her computer guru" (me) to get it fixed. Most
    times, I can go in remotely...but some days, I have to be there.

    But, it has helped us keep up with other members of the family.
    However, my brother is like my late father...he HATES computers, and
    doubt he ever would get on Facebook or other social media.


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