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    From Daryl Stout@1:2320/100 to Nancy Backus on Fri Jul 24 22:29:02 2015

    Some people, it doesn't matter whether they are hungry or full, they NB>still tend to buy out the store, so to speak... Others, if they aren't NB>hungry, they tend to have better control of impulse buying... On the NB>other hand, I tend to need to be somewhat hungry or nothing looks good NB>enough to buy, and I leave without having bought as much as I need for NB>the week's groceries... :)

    It has gotten so hard on my elderly Mom now, that if she needs
    something from the store, she gives me the money, and I go get it for

    On one recent trip, we practically filled the cart with other goodies,
    and she lamented "We haven't gotten a single thing on the shopping list
    yet". <G>


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