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    One funny moment a couple of weeks ago, came on a trip to the store. We had filled up the grocery cart with a bunch of items, and hadn't yet gotten a single item that was on our grocery list. LOL
    Sounds like both of you are prone to impulse buying... :)

    I think most of us are in one way or another.

    True, there's always some aspect of impulse buying... I try to save it
    for things that I would buy anyway, but not always every trip... ;)

    They do say "don't shop hungry", but sometimes, I wonder if that's a
    valid statement. :P

    Some people, it doesn't matter whether they are hungry or full, they
    still tend to buy out the store, so to speak... Others, if they aren't
    hungry, they tend to have better control of impulse buying... On the
    other hand, I tend to need to be somewhat hungry or nothing looks good
    enough to buy, and I leave without having bought as much as I need for
    the week's groceries... :)

    ttyl neb

    ... I can't really argue with that although I know someone who will.

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