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    I doubt any of us would become the Buddha... but learning how to manage NB>the insecurities is probably useful enough... :)

    I liked what the late Red Skelton noted once in a skit. He was
    standing with his thumbs in his pockets, noting the way that "this was
    how these 2 cowboys were standing"...and adding that "I don't know if
    their thumbs are cold, or if they've got gas". <G>

    Anyway, the conversation between the two went something like "Now,
    that we're getting friendly with China, do you believe in Buddha??". To
    make a long story short, when asked if he liked Buddha, the other
    replied "Yeah, I like Buddha...heck, I like margarine as well". <G>

    Postscript... since originally writing this, my mom fell and broke her NB>hip... on the 22nd... she's doing pretty well recovering from that, NB>though... we brought her back home (to my sister's) yesterday, and I'm NB>finally able to get back to Fido, at least a little... It does mean
    that she won't be going camping with the family, though... since sites NB>and cabins are already rented, most of us will still go camping
    anyway... neb

    Sorry to hear that about your Mom, Nancy. My Mom (who will be 89 this
    fall) is still doing pretty good...although I do most all the driving
    for her now...as well as helping with the shopping. That's especially
    true in getting the groceries off the shelf into the cart, as it's hard
    for her to reach them.

    One funny moment a couple of weeks ago, came on a trip to the store.
    We had filled up the grocery cart with a bunch of items, and hadn't yet
    gotten a single item that was on our grocery list. LOL


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