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    This apparently got eaten by the black hole, too... never saw it
    anywhere but on the bbs I sent it from. Dunno if it was length or just
    bad karma... ;) Just in case it was length, I've split it in two...
    first half mostly about work... ;)

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    For sure... Had he had any management experience previously...? One
    can hope that by now he's learned how to do the basics... or that
    they've figured out that he isn't going to work out...
    That was the bit that really surprised me. He'd had plenty of
    experience as a manager, but it had obviously been his first gig.
    Also, it was at a fast pizza joint, which is really not much like a
    fully organic convenience service atmosphere, except in that it is serving food. Once you cross the threshold into the kitchen it's a
    very different matter from any place just slangin prepared and heavily preserved ingredients.

    Some aspects of being a manager would carry over from one to the other,
    but moving from fast food to prepared food would take it up a notch or
    two... :)

    So I think what happened is that when he got to a place where he had
    at least 5x as many irons in the fire at once, it started affecting things in a detrimental fashion all around even the skill set that he
    did already have.

    A lot more mananging to keep track of... so unless he was a natural
    manager, there'd be a huge learning curve...

    Either which way, I've well decided to go with
    different currents now; I am very much hoping that I don't have to do that kind of work to survive ever again.

    From what I've seen so far, you don't need that sort of a
    pressure-cooker environment... :)

    Having had the experience, it's something that you can call up in
    memory to remind you of the perspective... volunteering in similar
    settings can do the same thing... :)
    I do miss some of the volunteer work that I did. Most of it was for
    like $7 an hour (I wish I were making that up), but it did manage to

    $7 an hour...? That's $7 more than I ever got volunteering... ;) All
    my volunteering was for free, and largely not even recognized... :)

    provide a bit of pride and conscience about the different things that I was accomplishing in my day, as well as the different issues that I
    could really have to be dealing with in my day. It was funny, now that
    I look back at my primary stretch in that work I actually came upon
    that experience running from other things that I had to deal with. I
    had come out of one of the longest, best, relationships that I'd had to that point, and my heart was thoroughly shattered. I had been awaiting enlistment in the navy for almost a year, and then they turned me down just a few days before I was supposed to ship out. I ended up
    snagging two jobs, one at a McDonald's, and one doing the work that I
    was talking about above, and I was working regularly 70+ hours a week
    in order to save up what I could for a new start and to keep myself distracted from the suffering at any cost. Having that one job,
    working with people in much more dire circumstances than myself was, perhaps, one of the best things that could've happened to me at the

    Valuable experience, even if it didn't pay well... both jobs,
    actually... ;) But the one that gave you some perspective was indeed a
    good thing for you there... one can so easily be so caught up in one's
    own sufferings that they don't see that their own might not be the worst possible thing in the world after all...

    Indeed. Hence my lateness to reply to this. Illness has been doing
    laps around the different people in this apartment, too, so it's been rougher than normal lately. I really hope that my employer understands the illness bit when we're only hitting about 50% of the hours that
    we're authorized. 'Course, betting on the budget requirements of the client, there's a good chance that [at least the client] will be
    grateful for the easiness on their pocketbook. Still, I really like to
    be a bit more consistent with all of this. Unfortunately I'm not just
    at the mercy of whenever I can put hours in; there's also other people
    in the equation who don't exactly have the same drive to work as I do.

    Just have to make sure that you keep the employer in the loop when
    illness takes its toll... I trust that the illness has finally run its
    course and let you all be back to normal...?

    ttyl neb

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