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    Continuing... ;)

    That all sounds simply GREAT... :) Work that you can enjoy, and a
    steady cashflow... :)
    It's been really nice. Things have come along, such as my cat, that really rocked the boat and have made it a bit difficult to hit the
    target number of hours lately, but that being said, I'm finding this
    work experience much better than anything that I've had since at least 2001. It's soo nice to be able to do something that I don't loathe, something where I'm learning more in areas that I actually care about, and something where I'm pairing with my roommate which makes things a little bit more fun than they would probably be otherwise.

    Ah, so he's the distracted one you were waiting on... ;) Having work
    that fits is a blessing... and it's good to have something that helps
    one grow, as well.. :) And it's also helpful to have something that
    you can to some extent set the pace, so if something comes up, like a
    sick cat, or a sick kid, for that matter, you can put the work down and
    then pick it up again... and mostly keep it all in balance... :)

    As with any technical field, there was bound to be some having to catch
    up with new developments... but with the basics in place, you shouldn't
    be having too much trouble fitting the new stuff in... :)
    Yeah. Well with the devops nature of this particular segment of
    work there's always going to be a bit of internal things that I have to learn due to a myriad of different suites and packages being deployed
    to whatever particular situation. So there's always a bit of a curve which, despite being annoying at times, is kind of good from the standpoint that keeping a learning curve is good for the mind/brain in general, IMO.

    True... one should keep the mind/brain active, and learning new things
    is highly recommended... by the experts, even... ;) As long as the
    learning curve isn't too steep, it can also help keep one interested in
    the work being done.. :)

    It works for me. :) My web browsing (little enough as it is) is kept
    separate from my other computer pursuits.. And when I do, I can avoid
    ads and popups etc simply because I'm using a text browser usually.. ;)
    Yeah I've had some systems that I made do with for a long time that
    had solely text-browsing capabilities. It was always kind of a nice break from the media that pervades everything, and just being able to take time from it to read.

    Sometimes it's nice to see the "pretty pictures" on the sites... but
    generally, what I really want is the information... and I can see which
    things I might want to see the graphics of and Enter on them...

    'Course web development has catered to that so far these days that
    a disturbingly high percentage of those sites won't even render into
    a format that can be displayed properly in a text-only browser any more.

    Yeah... it's there in a pdf, or similar, and not readable...

    I actually just resurrected a laptop of mine that is pretty much in
    that status. It just doesn't really have the processing power to be handling full media and a bloated browser floating around in its RAM. Plus it's got some media issues, too, so it's a lot more reliable for just working and handling text-only sessions when that's what's desired.

    Sounds mighty useful to me... although I know of those who would
    designate it as a doorstop... ;)

    (Sorry if I'm rambling or
    jumping from topic to topic a little bit here; I've had some people relocate out here that are severely distracting me from what I was
    trying to do in responding to this message since I started it)

    Well, the message already was doing a bit of fragmenting anyway...
    Hopefully my pulling things out into more coherent topics will help that
    a little... but I think we both have the tendency to tangent out... ;)

    ttyl neb

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