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    By: Nancy Backus to Damon A. Getsman on Tue May 19 2015 19:49:28

    Well, I suppose with better income outside of that job, you have a lot less hide in the issuer... ;) And, I suppose also that if he hasn't improved any since, others will probably do the complaining up the scale... :)

    Yeah from the amount of uproar that was going on at that dude over just the few weeks he's either learned by his trial through fire or else he's ended up well known in those corporate circles. The dude was a nice enough guy; I don't
    hold anything against him, really, but there are just certain skills that you need to have if you're going to be in management. Being able to generate schedules for your employees is kind of one of those baseline ones, or at least
    having access to somebody who is good enough at it that you can delegate that task to.

    Seeing the people without any "feet" makes one less grumpy about not having "shoes"... ;) Years ago, I was an income maintenance worker for DSS... one does learn to appreciate what one does have, as well as learn more compassion for those with a lot less... :)

    You know you're very right about that part. If I could handle the cut in pay, it'd be nice again sometimes to go back to my former job as an intake specialist, helping out those in desperate need of cash grants. It really does
    give a person a much better perspective. It's so easy to fall into the whining
    trap about problems that are so utterly petty, even in the first world, let alone when compared with some of the issues that are going on in 2nd and 3rd world countries.

    Reinforcement that you are doing your job, and doing it well.. :)

    Always a wonderful thing to have, especially when you're a person as plagued by insecurity and doubt as much as I usually am. It seems to be that much stronger where it's a sect of my life in which I'm responsible for a young/ innocent, also. I suppose that's normal, but I know that I've always had a much greater amount of insecurity than most others, partially due to my abusive
    upbringing. I'm just glad that I'm getting better at dealing with those things

    It seemed to have been helpful... she had very little delirium, which is
    a major risk especially for the elderly in a stressful environment...
    and she is improving steadily now that she is home. She had to have emergency bowel surgery, fortunately not worst-case scenario, and the surgeon was quite happy with how she progressed afterwards... Maybe now she won't keep having some of the bowel issues she was having...

    I am very glad to hear that things progressed well afterwards. Bowel issues are just no fun at all, either. I really hope that the surgery has the intended effects for her. Updates would be appreciated. :) Even without them, though, wishing the best from here!

    Thank you very much. :) I don't worry... just try to get the the
    packets when possible... This week the issue, beyond still being part of "Mommy-care", is that I was away over the weekend for a niece's wedding, in PA near Pittsburgh... and this coming weekend, I have another trip coming up, slightly longer... and no online access while away,
    either.... ;) RL always takes precedence where necessary... ;)

    Gotta have RL taking precedence. Otherwise you end up like some of the people that I know IRL around here that have huge clusters of life tangled up in knots while they're busy putting out reams and reams of content on tumblr, diaspora, twitter, and god knows where else. ;) Who cares if you've got a good net persona when the one that you're stuck in 'for reals' in your rotting porksuit can't even find a clean pair of clothes to put on. ;)
    More soon, I'm gonna see if I can't bust through a little more of this today.

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