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    From Daryl Stout@1:2320/100 to Nancy Backus on Sat Jan 11 20:46:02 2014

    I've known people that eat just about anything with just their gums... but good dentures are probably easier... ;)

    I had to turn down an all you can eat buffet at a restaurant, while I
    waited on new ones. Then, when I got a new pair on Jan. 3rd, they didn't
    fit right, and I had to wait another week (schedule conflicts), before
    I could get them adjusted. It does feel good to eat regular again...
    although with this cold/flu deal I have, it tends to kill the appetite.
    I could stand to lose the weight (all of us could, especially after the holidays)...but some medicines have to be taken with food.

    And yes, that was the official name for it, "itchy scar"... there was some greek name but that is the exact literal translation... :)

    You wonder why they spent all that money and time to go to medical school, for "such a diagnosis". Janice had a good idea of what the doctor was talking about, but a lot of people would prefer "it be in layman's terms"...basically, you have to cater to the "lowest common denominator".

    The sad thing about that is a story I saw where these "athletes" basically "play like men" on the field, basketball court, etc. -- but they can barely read
    or write. One student athlete at the University Of Arkansas at Fayetteville 20 years ago said "he was recruited to go play basketball, not go to class". And, at the time, the graduation percentage of student athletes was ZERO!!

    It seems that it doesn't matter what the coaches or athletes moral life,
    habits, etc. are. As long as they can win games, sell tickets, and bring in money
    to the organization (collegiate or pro), that's all that matters.

    Former University Of Miami quarterback Ken Dorsey graduated with a DOUBLE Business Major...in his words "in case football doesn't work out".

    when you are dealing with the health care professionals, well, that's their job... <G>

    As I saw a T-shirt once, "I'm here to save your butt...not kiss it". <G>

    That's probably better in the long run anyway. Most pain meds of the analgesic sort don't work at all for me, so I've not been able to take them for ages... my body got quite creative at times in finding ways to cover pain so I wouldn't feel it. ;0 I can take an occasional codeine when I really need a little help...

    While I'm on the DayQuil and NyQuil, I'm holding off the rest of the regular prescriptions, until I see the doctor in a few days, to see what she says. I just don't want this to go into pneumonia.


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