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    Recently, it's been reported that analog modem over MagicJack has been worki for some people. I just wanted to chip in my own two cents: if you're think of purchasing, your experience may vary.

    I'm using Time Warner Cable Roadrunner in Southeast Texas. I have a USB MagicJack plugged into an XP box with no processor load, lots of free memory which is connected via ethernet directly into a router.

    I tried dialing four different systems. Initially, I got a decent 28.8 connection, but then it retrained annoyingly a few times before dropping carrier. Not useful at all. It pretty much got worse from there, never finding a good carrier.

    I tried forcing 14400, 9600, all the way to 300. I didn't bother with less. tried various modulation standards, limiting the retraining speeds, and I tr giving my ethernet port the highest priority on the router.

    Eventually I plan on buying a Magicjack Plus and trying that. I just don't know if my latency here is the issue, or if it's going through a USB port on this particular system that's causing the latency; in any case, I thought I' put this out there for anyone else giving it a go and running into problems; you're not the only one. :P

    I know that some folkes at Heatwave BBS have successfully configured their dial up modems through MagicJack. You can log onto their board and try their configs to see if yours will work as good as theirs does.

    Heatwave BBS - telnet: www.heatwavebbs.com (port 23) or

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