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    I would agree that the BB network and any of its services would be
    irrelevant and no grounds to "disable" the use of the phone with
    Luckymobile entirely. The BB app shop stopped working a long time ago
    (it was nice when it *did* work though).

    We still have a playbook tablet that we use for a few offline games at
    the trailer. Missed a few downloads before they shut that store off.

    I've grown rather fond of the Q10 now. If I can add your Q5 as my shop
    phone and thus retiring the POTS line, I'd love to extend its useability
    with a BT earpiece and/or a cordless phone that supports cell-hookup.

    I'm positive it will work. I'll either get it mailed out or drive out in the next 3 weeks.
    What are you means than says: I'm positive ut will work ?

    Hi to You and John ;)

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