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    From Kurt Weiske@1:218/700 to All on Sat Apr 3 18:06:00 2021
    I took some time this afternoon to clean out my 20+ year old Briel Multi-Pro espresso machine. I got it at a sample sale in 2000 for $50, minus the ESE
    pod attachment - no big loss there.

    This unit has been in occasional use since then. A little vinegar on the
    group head to get some dirty bits cleaned off, a quick once-over, run a
    couple of shots of steam through it to get rid of anything sitting in the pipes, and off I went with a new brick of Lavazza espresso.

    I got a beautiful pull out of it, nice layer of crema. Not bad for a used
    old espresso maker.

    I'm planning a kitchen remodel, am thinking about making a coffee station - some place where I could have a drip coffee maker, espresso maker, a shelf
    for a couple of glass jars for coffee, and a burr grinder to be purchased at
    a later date. I figure that instead of buying pre-ground espresso roast and drip coffee I could buy one coffee bean and change the grind as needed.

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