From Marc Lewis@1:2320/100 to All on Fri Jan 10 01:22:02 2014
    | This is the Commercial For Sale echo, Tag CFORSALE, coordinated |
    | out of 1:396/45 by Marc Lewis, Moderator. This echo is for |
    | MESSAGES IN THIS AREA BE IN BUSINESS. Personal ads are encouraged |
    | in either the CLASSIFIEDS, FOR-SALE or the COMPUSALE echoes rather |
    | than here. As always, CAVEAT EMPTOR! (Let the buyer beware.) The |
    | moderator will not be held responsible for deals "gone sour". |
    +----------------------------------------------------------------------+ Ground rules, version 2.3 for vendors and all posters in general:

    1. This echo is for commercial type sales. You _must_ include a company
    name and phone in all advertisements. FidoNet Nodelisted SysOps
    selling new/used system equipment are exempted from the company name

    2. Be Friendly!

    3. No flames, personal attacks, insults or foul language allowed.

    4. Only legal merchandise is to be advertised in Commercial For Sale.

    4.1 Firearms, all munitions and weaponry, for the purposes of this
    echo, are considered illegal. Violation is grounds for immediate
    suspension and/or permanent ban from the echo and/or a link cut.

    4.2 Ads for so-called sex "toys" or "marital aids" are considered
    illegal in many states and are *not* permitted in this echo, nor are
    ads for so-called "escort" services.

    4.3 Ads for _anything_ rated as XXX or "hard-core" (sexual) are
    specifically and *strictly* forbidden.

    4.4 Posting ads for any of the aforementioned sexual or XXX rated
    materials or services will result in an immediate ban for yourself
    and/or your company.

    5. Commercial software offered for sale _must_ be a complete package
    inclusive of all disks, manuals, certificates and accessories.
    (Whatever the manufacturer included in the package originally.)

    6. No personal messages or "chatting" allowed.

    7. Absolutely NO BBS Ads.

    8. Real Names only. It is hard to deal with a business who's
    representative is named Grand High Buddha.

    9. Discussion of Moderator's "moderation" messages in the echo is OFF
    TOPIC. Requests, appeals, comments and so-on must be done via
    NetMail or E-mail.

    10. Gating this Echo to the internet is forbidden without Moderator
    permission. Garbage mail coming back into the Echo from the internet
    via your gate will result in a prompt and permanent severing of your

    11. The official language of the CFORSALE echo is ENGLISH.

    Strong suggestions:

    1. Put a price on it. Its nice to know how much you expect from your

    2. Don't take offense at a counter offer. If it's too low, just say so,
    or ignore it.

    I'll add to or subtract from this list as necessary from time to time. All
    of your input is appreciated. Persons breaking the rules will be first publicly warned in this echo or by NetMail. A subsequent violation by the
    same person will result in a personal NetMail warning being sent out. A
    third infraction of the rules will result in that person being removed
    from the echo, according to FidoNet Policy. Any such requests will be
    sent in NetMail. Hopefully, I'll never need to do that. I reserve the
    right to modify and/or implement these rules as I see fit with common
    sense in mind, especially with regard to the security and common good of
    the folks here as well as the Echo and FidoNet in general.

    All comments can be sent to 1:396/45 or marc.lewis@net396.fidonet.org.

    All flames will hit the bit bucket.

    Marc Lewis, Moderator
    Commercial For Sale echo.
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