• Re: C64 Basic cursor positioning?

    From Paul Lee@3:770/3 to All on Wed Dec 28 11:37:09 2022
    On Sunday, October 23, 1994 at 9:14:45 PM UTC, Marko Mäkelä wrote:
    "Nhat-Viet" == Nhat-Viet Phi <nhat...@nucleus.com> writes:
    Nhat-Viet> Hey, hey, hey!! Look what I found in the June 1992 issue of Nhat-Viet> COMPUTE Magazine, Gazette edition! (page G-24,
    Nhat-Viet> "Programmer's Page" column)
    Nhat-Viet> POKE 211,C (moves cursor to specified Column, 0-79)
    Nhat-Viet> POKE 214,R (moves cursor to specified Row, 0-24)
    Yes, but you must PRINT a carriage return after that, or the ($D1) and
    ($F3) pointers won't be changed. So, that's why you must make
    POKE 214,(R-1)AND255:PRINT:POKE 211,C instead, as I suggested before.

    This is such a late response, but if you are still there Marko, thank you so much. I was tearing my hair out, when my code was not setting the row. (but it was working everywhere else). You are a star!

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