• New 64/128 owners...

    From Gary McCulloch@1:154/50 to All on Sun Jul 3 16:52:58 2022
    So, you just restored, purchaed and brought your Commodore out of the attic. What are you going to do with it next? There are a few Commodore boards that are looking for new users. Just like back in the day. Do you need help getting on-line? Just ask, and we will be happy to help you in getting on a BBS from the 80-90s again today!!

    -Spitfire Inc presents 3 Unique Systems...

    Reign of Fire rof.cnetbbs.net:2300 C-Net Amiga Pro BETA System.
    Reign of Fire II rof.cnet64.com:6400 C-Net 64 DS-2 BETA System.
    Reign of Fire III rof.cnet128.com:6502 C-Net 128 v7.2 Retro System.

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    * C-Net/5
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