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    You should try Pi1541 is much compatible than SDIEC

    Ya, if you run something like a fast loader that reprogams the disk drive, an SD2IEC won't work.

    The problem with both the SD2IECs and Pi1541s are they usually amateur-made. So quality and features will differ between them.

    I started with a SD2IEC. But I wanted to hook up a printer and it didn't have a passthrough.

    So I got a Pi1541. That worked like a champ until I got my Commodore Plus/4. It just wouldn't work on the Plus/4 for some reason - while it worked just fine on the C64 and C128.

    So I picked up a different Pi1541 and that works great on all my Commodore systems (except for the PET).

    The SD2IEC that I bought also is powered through the joystick port, so I can't use that on the Plus/4 (it has different joystick ports).

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