• building with zlib from source?

    From Oli@2:280/464.47 to All on Tue Feb 1 22:03:41 2022
    I'm trying to cross-compile a static binkd with zlib support. Which means I have to cross-compile and include zlib from sources too. I just don't know how to do it successfully. I tried:

    /tmp/zlib $ ./configure
    /tmp/zlib $ make
    /tmp/zlib $ ls libz.* zlib.h
    libz.a libz.so libz.so.1 libz.so.1.2.11 zlib.h
    /tmp/zlib $

    /tmp/binkd $ ./configure --with-zlib=/tmp/zlib
    checking for gawk... gawk
    checking for gcc... gcc
    checking whether the C compiler works... yes
    configure: error: zlib not found in /tmp/zlib
    /tmp/binkd $

    What am I missing here? Please, help! ;)

    (this was not an attempt to cross-compile as I want to solve the ./configure problem first with native gcc)

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