• Setting up MajorBBS

    From Richard Vonzel@1:282/1038 to All on Thu Mar 2 10:30:22 2023

    Hello everybody!

    I'm working of setting up a MajorBBS bbs under Windows XP in a VirtualBox. I'm having a heck of a time getting the IP setting correct. I'm using SWSVPKT packet driver for the protocol. I also can't seem to get port 23 to open up. Anyone have some ideas what I might do to get this running?


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  • From Martin Kazmaier@1:340/1101 to Richard Vonzel on Sun Mar 5 00:16:00 2023
    I'm not familiar with MajorBBS, so this may not help, but would net2bbs run this? It might be a last resort, or I may not be helping at all.

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