• "The Flickering Light" written and directed by JMS

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    From: Jan <janmschroeder@aol.com>

    Exciting news was released yesterday by Variety. First, JMS' post:

    <<Huge news: Flickering Light starts filming in November. We have financing, a date certain, and I'll be directing. >>

    Then the link: http://www.variety.com/article/VR1118065553/

    And part of the article:

    <<Reliance Entertainment's Motion Picture Capital has come on board to produce and finance J. Michael Straczynski's World War II drama "The Flickering Light,"
    with lensing starting in November.
    "The Flickering Light" is set in 1942 and centers on a group of prisoners from
    the Marzahn Concentration Camp -- exclusively for Gypsies -- who were pressed into work as actors, bit players and extras during the filming of Tiefland, a movie directed by and starring Nazi propagandist Leni Riefenstahl. In addition to Riefenstahl, the main characters are prisoners who meet during filming and whose love awakens on the film set.

    Casting is currently underway in Los Angeles, London and Berlin. >>

    Pat Tallman posted that she'll be in Germany next week so it's likely that JMS will be there too, as part of pre-production.

    Looking forward to this a lot!


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