• Happy Thanksgiving...

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    .... from a Brit to all former colonists!


    Thanks. My father did a really good job on the turkey this year, (He uses a

    method of mine termed "low and slow" and it was wonderful this time) and >>> then we all got in the car to go see (well, in my case hear, more on that >>> in
    a moment) Life of Pi. Worth seeing. They told my dad on the phone they had >>> descriptive video, but when we got there they didn't, which was a bit
    frustrating, but it was still an interesting movie that left things to talk

    about afterward. I'll probably catch it again with someplace with
    descriptive working.

    My wife read (well, as in your case, heard) the book, and refused to
    go to the movie. Just too gross for her tastes... <<

    Gross? Hrm, clearly I do not know anything about this story, but this makes >me *more* interested in seeing it! :-D


    Sorry, been busy...

    I won't go into the story in the book, but there are some graphic
    scenes of animals eating animals, child abuse and other fun activities
    in the book which I suspect will not be included in the movie!

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    Amy Guskin wrote:

    Great, will put it on my list (although I haven't even gotten to see Cloud

    Atlas yet!).

    Well scripted and well acted but the story was bizzare even for someone

    who takes past lives as an acceptable hypothesis. It jumps and jumps

    and jumps so it's very easy to get lost watching it.

    I'm sad that it's already out of the theaters here - I really wanted to see it again on the big screen. I didn't have any trouble keeping up with it but I can see how some people might. I hope it does really well outside the US because it deserves a bigger audience.


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