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    Dallas Vinson wrote to Drew Klenotic Subject: Merry Christmas and Happy
    New Year

    Enjoyed the series and the movies, but the spinoff totally
    sucked. It might have gotten better if they hadn't cancelled it,
    but as it stands it was just a horrible show. IMNSHO.

    Sounds like what I did. Amazon.com made some bucks off of me with that.

    I did not care for Crusade either tho I liked it a little better when I
    watched it a second and third time. It ended to early so like Next
    Generation which took a year to find it's own, never had a chance to
    find it niche.

    I compare this to Deep Space Nine which once I went through that one
    again actually found that it did have a running plot and was better the
    second time around, [like they say love is :) ].

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    Have a nice day, Dallas!

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