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    Hey check it out! I get to post the first message in 2017! So
    how many B5 fans out there do we have? I finally got through most
    of the series watching it every day back in like 2013. Just an
    amazing show. I think Kosh will forever remain my favorite
    character. And the Vorlons to me are still cool. And you know what
    I liked most about B5? How characters change like they change in
    life. People grow, beliefs change. A friend today is a foe tomorrow
    and visa versa. Now that's good writing! -Doctor Clu

    Well me for sure. I have the whole series including the movies and the follow up stuff on DVD. Every few years I pick it up and watch it through again putting everthing in order. I have someplace a sheet that give the prefereed order of things from the 2 hour prequil movie to Sleeping In Light which is
    the Last thing in the series to watch.

    I saw The Gathering 2 years before the TV release when JMS brought it to a convention I attended. He brought it on 4 half hour reels of 16 MM film stock. It was on 4 reels for security purposes so that if one reel was lost or stolen the whole thing would not be out there. It was unfinished as far as music, (none) and sound effects, (PPGs still went "bang" and JMS said the he was thinking of leaving them like that). Security was tight, all doors locked from the outside, you left you did not get back in. And JMS said one camera flash and it stops.

    It ended with everyone giving him a standing "O".

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