• Other Babylon 5 Groups

    From Allen Prunty@1:2320/100 to Mark Lewis on Thu Jun 16 04:41:02 2016
    On 06/16/16, mark lewis said the following...

    what other B5 groups??

    There are many but I'm not sure all heirarchies are available outside of the .edu domains. I'm feeding from the University and the academic channels
    still use UUCP a lot.

    There are many in other heirarchies, but once the spam is filtered out of it the messages may trickle. Google has done a lot to bring usenet back into play, but unfortunately if it's an older show that the younger crowd doesn't appreciate it won't get much action.

    Unfortunately the younger crowd doesn't know the joys of Babylon5 as it's now 20+ years old, yet it seems like yesterday it was on the television. <sigh>


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