• I have an earworm...

    From Mike Ross@1:2320/100 to Rec.arts.sf.tv.babylon5.moderated on Mon Feb 3 06:50:02 2014
    Nearly 20 years on... to the tune of 'YMCA':

    Young race, there's a war on the way.
    I said, young race, this time you're in the fray.
    I said, young race, we know more than we're say,
    But please don't-let-that-get-you-down.
    Young race, last time our ass got kicked.
    I said, young race, so we're mightily pissed!
    I said, young race! That's why your minds got messed:
    So we'd steer-you-to-the-show-down.

    It's fun to be in the AR-MY-OF-LIGHT!
    It's fun to be in the AR-MY-OF-LI-IGHT!
    When those Shadows arrive, you'll fight hard to survive,
    And you'll need our tech-nol-ogy,
    It's fun to be in the AR-MY-OF-LIGHT!
    It's fun to be in the AR-MY-OF-LI-IGHT!
    We can't do it alone, we're the slings, you're the stones,
    We'll survive, you'll die (pro-ba-bleeee).

    Young race, they've been out in the cold.
    I said, young race, now the Shadows are bold!
    I said, young race, welcome in to the fold
    Of the gang-that's-go-nna-meet-them.
    Young race, they're amassing a force!
    I said, young race, it's no time for a pause!
    I said, young race, now you're part of our cause,
    We can help-you-all-to-beat-them.

    REPEAT CHORUS, substituting:
    Now we've got the White Star, and Miss I-van-o-va,
    And John She-ri-dan: we can't lose!
    We'll have plenty of fun! Though we don't have the guns,
    We can scare 'em down to their shoes!

    No race does it all on their own.
    I said, young race, great to have you along!
    I said, young race, even though we're Vorlon,
    We can't kill-these-Sha-dows-so-lo.
    That's why we enlisted your help,
    And said: 'Young race! Do some Good for yourself!'
    We hope your race won't get left on the shelf
    When those beams-and-bombs-all-fly-low.

    REPEAT CHORUS, substituting:
    We were here once before, in the last Shadow War:
    That was only an interlude!
    Now with you on our side, We can do the job right!
    We can finish them off for Good!

    It's fun to be in the AR-MY-OF-LIGHT!
    It's fun to be in the AR-MY-OF-LI-IGHT!
    Young race, young race, are you listening to me?
    Young race, young race, what do you want to be?

    'No greater love hath a man than he lay down his life for his brother.
    Not for millions, not for glory, not for fame.
    For one person, in the dark, where no one will ever know or see.'
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