• Arrowbridge Memories

    From Jdavid@1:2320/100 to All on Thu Oct 1 07:29:02 2015
    What? A post in the Arrowbridge echo? *Looks around for other signs of the Apocalypse*

    Though I still play the games on a few of today's BBSes, I have much nostalgia for both games and their place in my memories of BBSing's heyday. The
    original game was the first door game I'd played with any sort of large-scale overland movement system. It may have been simply text characters, but it really felt like playing a game like Zelda, except with multiple players!

    A specific thing that stands out in my mind is playing Arrowbridge I in some
    of its earlier versions (c. 1993), before it displayed the number of turns
    left to the user. It was always exciting if you were in the middle of a war with another player and had loaded up on armies at the nearest city to take
    to siege your enemy's castle. You sometimes didn't know if you'd make it overland before getting the "You feel tired" message mere turns before you
    ran out. If you didn't make it and your enemies discovered you, they'd surely have stocked up on defenders by the time you got another chance.

    God, if I could find a game active enough today to have people fighting over the castles!

    LoRD, Trade Wars 2002, Usurper, and Overkill seem to get all the nostalgia
    love as we sit 20+ years down the road from their introductions, but for me, the Arrowbridge games will always be my favorites.

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