• Gerald needs a knee

    From Allen Prunty@1:2320/100 to All on Fri Aug 26 19:17:24 2016
    On 05/14/16, Dennis A Gutowski Jr said the following...

    Gerald works for the waste removal company Baumgart. He has knee damage and is having knee replacement surgery June 8th. He will be off of work for 8 weeks and
    will not receive any workers compensation or pay for this time. He does not have
    sufficient health care coverage either and needs help financially.

    I don't have much to send, but definitely understand what he is going
    through. IF this is a work related injury the employer must make this right. If he has no income then the state should have some sort of Meidcaide
    fallback for the time that he is off work.

    I truly hope that this gets worked out, please let me know how this worked


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