• BinkD

    From Neil Williams@1:2320/100 to All on Sat Sep 22 11:02:02 2001

    Do you want to get your Fidonet mail over the Internet, using a mailer-like system such as BinkD or Bink4D? Do you want to automate this, but find that BinkD doesn't exit correctly with -p, doesn't react to any signals but Ctrl-C?

    Try altering this ARexx to your needs:

    /* Poll nodes with Bink4D, which does NOT
    * correctly exit with the -p option.
    * Neil Williams, neil@zeusdev.co.uk 2:442/107
    * Appears to work okay, even killing bink4d if we
    * get a 'no route to host error.

    options results
    failat 21

    call addlib("rexxsupport.library",0,-30,0)

    call pragma( 'Directory', 'Work:Comms/Binkd/' )

    /* Un*x. GRR! */
    oldstack = pragma( 'Stack','100000' )

    address command

    /* Force a poll even if we have no mail.
    * Yes, this is how it works..
    * NB: double redirection to append, not
    * overwrite the file if one exists.
    'echo >>Outbound:2.5020.52.0.FLO'

    'delete Outbound:2.5020.52.0.bsy Outbound:2.5020.52.0.csy'

    /* Run with -p in case it feels like working today.
    'run bink4d -p Binkd.cfg'

    /* Delay 5 seconds for it to initalise and begin a poll.
    call delay( 5*50 )

    /* .bsy and .csy both exist while there is a poll.
    * I don't know the significance of the difference,
    * but this can be easily changed if there is a need.
    do while exists( 'Outbound:2.5020.52.0.csy' )
    call delay( 1*50 )

    /* All hail Executive! But this can be done with
    * backtick and status/break magic if need be.
    'kill n bink4d'

    call pragma( 'Stack', oldstack )


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