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    From Benny Pedersen@1:2320/100 to Wilfred Van Velzen on Wed Aug 29 00:29:02 2001
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    In a message of 27 Aug 01 Wilfred van Velzen wrote to All:

    AMIGA_INT is on the nomination to be removed from the WWB backbone.
    This was the last backbone it still was listed on... Is there a need
    to keep it alive? And if so are there any vollunteers to be the moderator?

    then we have AMIGA left with i think is better to have the last mails in one area instaed of having two areas thats seems dead, i do not fear to see
    fidonet dying about that anyway :-)

    lets just hope more users will still use fidonet, and let them know its there

    Benny Pedersen

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